Saturday, October 18, 2008

Promoting Etsy sellers

I want Etsy to be a household name (like the other "E" website), so I promote it everywhere I go! For a couple of craft events I had during September, October (and November), I posted in the Etsy forums, inviting sellers to send me their promotion items - and they sure answered the call!

These are photographs of the promotion packs that I put together from all of the Etsy items I received... There are business cards; discount codes on cards; postcards; product samples... I handed out approximately 35 bags on the 11th of September in Harbor Beach!

I have about 40 packs left for my November show but would love to have about 35 more!

On top of the box of promos is a fabulous mini bag by soulinchains and the lovely satin gift bags are from maisyh . The pen that you see was a donated door prize from craftiness - it is turned wood with a Santa clip! I am definitely buying one of those pens for my hubby for Christmas!


June said...

Hi Dee!! Great blog! Who is handing out these promos? You??? DO you want some produce bags? maybe I can do a few medium sized ones???
(((HUGS))) June

lisianblue said...

that would be wonderful if etsy became as well known as the other E place! Wonderful of you to promote other shops! Hope you sell a bunch!