Thursday, June 24, 2010

Art Fire Artisan Jeweler Guild June Challenge

The entries are amazing this month! Please do go over to the Art Fire Artisan Jeweler Guild Blog and choose your favorite!
Enjoy the Slide Show!

Thank you for looking!

No next year for my ornamental apple tree.

It's been replaced! Well in the next couple of weeks ...

For the past two week the tree has been losing it's leaves..they are dropping fast. they first turn yellow and drop all over my yard and deck.

Houston we have a problem! We need to seal the deck! We certainly can't do it with leaves falling on it!

Today we went to the Nursery,picked out a Silver Maple. It's BEAUTIFUL! Tall just needs to fill out!

So here is a photo of when I enjoyed the tree the best! Blooming in the Spring~

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Art Fire Michigan Artists Guild

I'm really excited that there is new life in the Michigan Artists Guild!

I inherited the Guild by default several months ago..I have been in search of a new Guild Master, and I'm happy to report that I found one!

TiLTCreations is now the Guild Master!
I met TiLT a couple years ago when we struck up a conversation on etsy when I was looking for vendors for my Ladies Night Out Craft Show..

TiLT and I just recently were neighbors at Flint Handmade Spring Market.
We had a great time as we usually do!

Stay tuned because I just know that the Michigan Artists Guild is going to become very active! I'm looking forward to meeting and promoting all of you!