Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Awards time!!

My dear friend TiLTCreations gave me the Spreader of Love Award for always promoting on my blog~Blows TiLT kisses~
I'm awarding my own Spreader of Love Awards!

1.Blockhead radio Blogfor doing the BEST Blogger Radio show promoting Handmade!
2.Miss Maisy for all the help you have given to me and others with their blogs~
3.Contrariwise for sharing so much valuable information.
4.Dangerous Mezzo's Art fired Up Blogfor spreading the Art Fire Love.
5.Rose Bush Designs for her fun to read blog.
6.Sew Happy Designs for her cheerful happy posts and convo's~

Award rules:
1-Post a copy of the award on your blog post
2-Mention who gave you the award
3-Pass the award on to 6 others
4-Leave a message on their blog letting them know the honor has been bestowed upon them

Monday, December 29, 2008

Gearing up for Valentines Day~

these are handcrafted hearts, lightly hammered with black glass czech hearts, on SS leverbacks..soon to be joining my Art Fire Shop in preparation of Valentines Day..

rhodochrisite heart sterling earrings.Available Here

Friday, December 26, 2008

So you didn't get what you wanted for Christmas?

That's OK! Because now you can buy something for YOURSELF!

Here are a few suggestions...

handmade purse,gift idea
A great bag for $10 plus reasonable shipping

handmade scented body butter

Body Butters in a plethora of scents for $10 plus reasonable shipping.

original ACEO collage

A beautiful original collage ACEO

handmade doll collector clothes

For the Doll collector!

original photography art print

Lovely photography Print


Captured Fairy Ornament

Captured Fairy Ornament

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Felize Navidad

Merry Christmas to you~

May the New Year bring all of us our wildest dreams!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Random Act of Craft!

Yesterday I received a surprise in the mail~ it was a package of of craft items to inspire me~
WOW what a gift! I took out some items I would use..repackaged and mailed out today~
Truly a pay it forward!
Working now with some items that I normally would not~Keep tuned in for pictures when I finish~

Friday, December 19, 2008

Art Fire New Mini Viewer

Art fire has released it's mini viewer~ you can hand pick your items or it picks 4 of your listed items randomly~(I chose my items)You can see it on the right side bar~
What do you think? I think WAY cool~

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Art Fire my new venue

After a very rocky start~ I am now a Verified for Life Art Fire user~(I will say if there is a problem Art Fire will fix it!)
Why do I like Art Fire?
#1 reason STATS!
I know where my customers (well for now lookers but I'm hopeful~)find me~

Other reasons are customer support~ really they are the BEST! Ease of one page listing~ great forums where you can have discussions with out having your thread locked,moved or have an Admin leave snarky comments...
So come check out Art Fire...OH and if you are signing up..Tilt Creations could use the referrals~http://tiltcreations.artfire.com

AllWiredUpTOO on Art Fire

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I can't STOP!!!

Twisting wire!

My thumb and forefinger on my left hand are developing some hard callus..

I have been busy winding wire around and around to make more twisted wire beads...just got some put on a wire for another bracelet...

sterling silver hand coiled bead bracelet artisan jewelry wire wrapped

It hasn't been tumbled, and I haven't added the clasp yet,
All sterling silver weighs almost a full ounce...

I ♥ these beads!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Cyber Monday

Doing some listing to keep on top of the much saturated jewelry category!

Listing earrings~imagine that *wink, as I rarely wear make up but it's a rare day that you catch me without earrings on...you might say that I pay myself in earrings~

So check these out in my AllWiredUp TOO shop on etsy, see side bar,

What a deal @ $12.75 a pair!

*returning you now to your regularly scheduled program..*wink

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just finished and listed

I finished four new pieces of jewelry last night..

Coiled and shaped, tumbled...

These are listed on etsy,see sidebar, and are 15% off..Free shipping until Monday evening if you put AWUTOO in message to seller~

Back to your regularly scheduled program! *smiles

Monday, November 24, 2008

Ladies Night Out Craft Show is History

The 20th has come and gone..and Ladies Night Out at the Franklin Inn DONE!

I arrived as the room was being set up after a Luncheon ..boy the Inn was busy that day~ Lottery Training in the large Ball Room, a Luncheon in the small Ball Room then LNO~

I assigned tables and hauled my stuff in..arranged my jewelry

Walked and talked with vendors...

Deb Zona had the most wonderful greens and arrangements..I bought a great Hostess gift for my dear SIL (SHOWN ON HER PORCH)

TiLT Creations arrived with her wonderful handbags!

It was great to meet an fellow etsyian~

Door prizes were awarded..Etsy promo packs were handed out at the door~

Next year??? Looking for more etsyians to join me!

Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm Featured Artist !!

I'm thrilled to be the featured artist on Artisan Challenge Blogspot!


What an honor!
Featured are my sterling silver beaded bangle and orange you glad it's fall earrings~

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Silver Anniversary

Just where were hubby and I 25 years ago?? We lived in a tiny 1 bedroom house on Big Lake in Davisburg Mi...Hubby had been laid off from GM for about a year..I was working a full time plus farm job..We got married 25 years ago..
Since then? We have two lovely daughters together..(great for couple that was never getting married or having children!)a comfortable home,have been across the country, motor home or motorcycle trips, we have always done what we have wanted to..no regrets because damn that was FUN..
Happy 25th Anniversary honey!

snow is gently falling

First accumulation of the 2008/09 Winter season. Snowflakes are gently drifting, floating to the ground. Back yard pics.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day Two Christmas Bazaar

Day one was productive. I did a few how to demos, and made a few sales. I did sell some OOAK earrings, dichroic pendants, and some promo items to get them @ my table.
I spoke with fellow jewelry artists, some just starting that asked for advise..some that want to advance their already fab skill...I am taking in a William Holland Catalog and am planning on attending with someone that I'm aquainted with..YAY~

Thursday is Ladies Night Out...can't wait!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

D day~

Today I'm prepping my jewelry cases for a two day Christmas Bazaar at the Ubly Fox Hunters Club. Went downstairs and brought up one case..GOLLY I have a lot of inventory not listed just sitting tarnishing..BLECH
After my Craft Show I'll be loading up AllWiredUp and thegypsyjewels...

Really busy but I felt guilty for not posting! Have a productive day!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Way to go Jerry!

My buddy Jerry Hops is the 2008 Bracket 1 PSCA Points winner!
Jerry races a red 1967 Camaro that is built to the hilt! (After all Jerdog IS an engine builder!)Jerry sent me the following pictures:

Congrats Jerdog! You KNOW who loves you! MUAW!!!! BTW can I have your autograph???

Monday, November 10, 2008

Morning musing

I awoke this morning to gusting winds whistling around the house. The sun is shining, a smattering of snow on the rooftops.
The trees are barren of their summertime garb.Their branches a stark relief against the blue sky.
I've been in denial that Winter is arriving, after today I can no longer.
Craft Show countdown 10 days.
Thanksgiving 17 days.
Christmas is 37 days away!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm up early ..

My mind sometimes goes off on it's own! I can't shut it down there is so much to think about!

today it's Craft Shows..(imagine THAT!) I am going as a customer today to a local show..Doing some PR..

Next week is the Fox Hunters Christmas Bazaar.. then my show on the 20th..

I have built lots of earrings,(a best seller) some bracelets and I'm wrapping some newly polished cabs.

OKIE BBL for another post...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Featured from etsy Skinz 'N' Hydez Leather Designs

Ian AKA SkinzNhydes has unique leather and fur accessories.

Here is my interview with Ian:

Do you you process your own fur,skins,and leather?

I do not process my own materials, but I will be soon with moose hide. I actually up cycle most of the materials I use. I get my materials from a leather store here in Victoria, scraps that are going to be thrown out. Or I buy belts, jackets, and other leather and fur material from Value Village, a second hand clothing store.

What inspires you?

I would have to say what inspires me is everything.... from the trees, to people, to insects. But what inspires me most of all is my girlfriend. (cristysjewelry)She directed me on the path of selling my crafts, and encourages me to keep it up. She makes silver jewelry and very successful with it. She is an amazing person, and I am so lucky to be with her.

Do you and Christy collaborate on projects?

I see every project of mine a collaboration with my girlfriend. She helps me think of new ideas, as well as I help her. She directs me at what women would wear, good color contrasts, etc. She's the best!

Do you listen to music while creating and what genre or prefer quiet?

I prefer to listen to music while I work. Usually something like Gary Jules, The Blow, Johnny Cash, Metric. Something soft and relaxing

Were do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hrm, where do I see myself in 5 years? That's a hard one. Maybe somewhere over seas, designing websites and still making crafts, with my beauty by my side. I try to not think that far ahead, its just too overwhelming... I try and take baby steps

What is one thing that you want people to know about you?

One thing I want people to know about me, would have to be, that I'm a kind hearted person but strong when needed.

Thanks Ian for that insight.

Here are some of Ians creations:

Wolverina, a lovely leather and wolf fur cuff.

Eye of Oblivion, a hammered metal and leather cuff.

Jangle, lovely turquoise wrapped in silver..OOOOLALA! I think this may be my personal favorite!

Visit soon and often! I predict an upcoming top designer here!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm in Heaven!

Some of you may know that I cut cabochons, (well not lately ..) I have been saving for a new Diamond Pacific Genie...in catalogs they are 1900 to 2200 dollars...Well I found one on eBay,YES eBay...

So I investigated, checked feedback...waited for a few days a VIOLA' I got a coupon from eBay for 10% off my next purchase..up to $100!

I thought a hundred bucks! WOWSER a hundred bucks!!!!!!! I investigated a little more and purchased my Genie from ronsrocks .. let me tell you ... the coupon paid for my shipping plus a little more!
Ronsrocks got it shipped to me the SAME day! It was on it's way..WHHOOOO HOOOO!!!

I was distracted today! (YA THINK???)

When Genie arrived just before 4 o'clock I set it right up...proceeded to shape and cut cabs...It was so nice to have a functional machine..I do have a really old Lortone arbor .. I'll turn it into a polisher!

I took a break and fed hubby and the dog, (they were grateful!) dinner. Hubby thought that perhaps he would have to finish cooking!
After dinner it was back to my studio! I cut and polished away the evening!
Cleaned up my machine ... time to rest for tomorrow..

I'm wrapping cabs tomorrow for Ladies Night out on the20th, for some truly handcrafted wire pendants!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Craft Show UPDATE

I'm happy to announce that all spaces are filled! Newspaper Ads are running Nov.6&7,13&14,18&19. I am also doing a call in radio show Ladies Line on WLEW ..
I have my set up graphed and all vendors are placed..YAY!

Now down to the wire for creating some new works!

Monday, November 3, 2008

SALE to benefit HOST

SALE - starting today - Nov 3 through Dec 24 2008 - 25% of my sales will be donated to HOST, the Etsy Helping Others Street Team.

This offer includes BOTH of my shops: TheGypsyJewels and AllWiredUpTOO ... and may contain a few surprises!

HOST was born after a simple question asked in the Etsy forums: "Is anyone in need this Holiday Season?"

Etsians responded and came together to help one another out. Some members sewed; sent small gifts; or made purchases. It was an incredible representation of Etsians at their best and most caring, and extremely moving to experience.

The ensuing Street Team, HOST, is a wonderful group of Etsy sellers and buyers, who continue to support and assist fellow Etsians in need by whatever means available - whether this be with small financial assistance; friendship and emotional support; promoting sellers and their stores where possible; even offering advice on resources available in the various states across America!

My SALE is my way of saying "thank you HOST for doing what you do" and hopefully helping to raise funds for the team to use for helping others during the festive season that is already upon us!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Vintage patterns and buttons

Vintage! OH! How I love Vintage..let me count the ways...1...2...3...infinium! =)
EllesBelle has vintage that I adore...

Just look at these wonderful black glass shanked buttons!

http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=16575909I can think of many uses for those!

LOOK what else I found~

OH MY! Blue lovlies for ...shhhhhh...I think that THOSE are MINE!

Go have a look around EllesBelles! There are some amazing Vintage goodies there!


How can YOU help those in need?

From my very good friend MaisyH's Mcchatter Blog, thank you Maisy for allowing the Copy and Paste! I agree with this 100%!

When I logged into Etsy over my cereal bowl this morning, I found that one of my HOST buddies had linked another thread into our HOST chat thread. She said there were lots of sellers in need posting, so I went to check it out figuring ok, I don't really have much spare cash but I can at least bump it for them... (the thread is linked at the end of this post).

Well a couple of sniffs later, I found myself feeling thoroughly depressed by the number of folk in so much financial and personal difficulty; it's awful year round but somehow it seems worse at this time of year, especially if kids are involved... I only just had the thought yesterday: "OMGosh, Christmas is literally around the corner now!"

Then I got to thinking well, I can't buy everything from everyone, and I can bump the thread to try and help get these shops noticed but well, I'd like to try and do more... So here's the plan. It's just a little plan and I can't guarantee it will work but we don't know until we try - and you can get involved with no cost to yourselves other than a little time and effort for people who will really appreciate it.


•Most of you readers and Etsians have blogs, so start running a 'help' feature. Even if you just choose one shop, or one item from a few shops and blog it, you might help those guys towards some much needed sales.
•Start a little 'help' section in your sidebars: add a few Etsy minis for shops that really NEED the exposure!
•Tell your friends and readers about these guys and link the Etsy thread(s) for them to read and scroll through the different shops. We all have different tastes and wishlists: chances are your pals will find items they won't be able to resist!

•Stalk those treasuries! Not just the main treasury but the treasury west too! Forget just making pretty ones in perfect coordinated colours, or clever choices of unusual things from your favourites: just pick shops who are in need!! If you run out of shops from the forum thread(s) that inspired this, go to POUNCE and pick only stores that are waiting for their first sale!
•Tell your Street Teams! Get your team-mates on board - get them bumping threads; get them treasury stalking, get them blogging this too!
•Add even one shop referral to your shop announcements - just pick one seller that is in need so your own buyer traffic will see it.


•Have you got FREE ad spaces? Invite bids from sellers in need.
•If they don't have ads they can use, can you spend a few minutes turning their avatars into ads for them while they go open their PW accounts and bid?


•Do you donate to childrens' charities for Christmas? Well our Etsians in need have kids... give to them!
•Do you donate to animal charities? These Etsians have beloved pets that need feeding and caring for too! And don't forget, you can choose AWBAR and EFA on Etsy for your donations or purchases!
•Do you donate to medical charities? These Etsians have serious illnesses - or their children or other family members do - and they are struggling with medical bills. Why not donate to them through purchases from their shops? Remember, there are Etsians who support charities by donating part of their shop sales proceeds... search them out on Etsy and shop, shop, SHOP!!!
We see so many discussion in the forums about how Etsy doesn't advertise itself and how it relies on US to promote it to help ourselves... Well let's pull together now and help promote each other! We are a pretty big team of creative people - I'm sure there will be others out there who will get to thinking what they can do to bring a little festive cheer to those in need. What is that expression about "six degrees of separation"? Well, let's apply it to Etsy for the holidays and see what we can achieve.

My next stop is to post a forum thread on Etsy where you can all post to let everyone know a) what are you doing to help? and b) if you were able to make a purchase from one of these sellers in difficulty, come show us what you bought, so we can all cheer for you and the seller :) And one more thing: when you post in the new thread, let everyone know if you are open to TRADES. People have few resources but they may happen to have just the thing you need, so be open minded about approaching your Christmas shopping this year and consider trades!

Here is the thread that inspired this post: http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=5886701

And here is my new thread where you can come let us know what you are doing to help: http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=5887805

Thank you all so much for reading all this and thank you even more for anything you do to help these guys out :)

PS - I am posting the same thing on my other blog: http://teaandjewels.blogspot.com/
and on the HOST blog: http://helpingothersstreetteam.blogspot.com/

PPS - It doesn't matter that they will read the same, it's the message that is important and it's another opportunity to reach more readers, who can spread the word. Feel free to copy and paste this post into your own blogs - just use it and adapt it for yourselves, I don't mind - just get the message out - now - PLEASE!!!

PPPS - (last one I promise!) Remember that ALL PROCEEDS FROM HOST STORE SALES ARE USED TO HELP ETSIANS IN NEED - so feel free to donate to our store, or top up our team funds by purchasing something because we will use the money for this same cause!

Monday, October 27, 2008

assignment is ending...

Some of you know that I recently went back to WORK! There are some things that I really HAVE to HAVE! I didn't want to them put on a credit card..
I work for a staffing company..so I knew this job would be short..but I thought just maybe that I would get a few more weeks..
I'll be sad that this job is ending..I enjoyed learning to run a truck scale..and I learned more about edible beans than most people want to discuss!
I worked with very nice people, no pressure, and it was FUN!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Glad this happened on a Sunday morning! Got NO time!

As I snuggled in bed this morning half awake I wondered just why the bells at the church across the street were chiming at 6 am!
We have one of those "smart clocks" that you don't have to reset for time changes...it just isn't SO smart..since the change of dates for changing Daylight Savings and Standard Times!
I sure would have looked silly showing up for work an hour EARLY!

Friday, October 24, 2008

coming together..

I love it when a plan comes together..that famous line from the A team!

I placed the first of my newspaper ads for my Craft Show this week and have got very many interested in vending!

I have the rest of my ads written..this Craft Show is going to be FUN FUN FUN!!!

Classes scheduled..still looking for demonstators!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Snowflakes are falling...

on my head! Mid October here in the thumb of Michigan. The temperature dropped and the snowflakes fell! No accumulation!
Early for snow! Pictures?? Too dark! 28 degrees Fahrenheit..BRR!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Card reader coming right UP!

Yesterday I spent over half of my photo editing time repairing or reinstalling my picture software...it made me GRRRR!!!!

The photos that I did edit or retake turned out great! BUT I'm stopping on my way home to buy a card reader...no more Kodak Easy Share software! Tired of it quitting at the end and losing all my photos!

Look at my etsy shops and see if you can tell what photos I replaced!

Off to work! Be back later!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kumihimo Jewelry

What the heck is kumihimo? It's a Japanese form of cord making by braiding cord or ribbon.
I have a dear sister in law that is allergic to metals,ALL metals. I remembered that long ago I learned a technique of braiding round cord and looked for a wheel to make some for her..My love of kumihimo was renewed!
I braided a gift for Christamas, I know she'll be thrilled. She loves jewelry just can't wear it!
I also just finished this lovely labradorite flower necklace.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Promoting Etsy sellers

I want Etsy to be a household name (like the other "E" website), so I promote it everywhere I go! For a couple of craft events I had during September, October (and November), I posted in the Etsy forums, inviting sellers to send me their promotion items - and they sure answered the call!

These are photographs of the promotion packs that I put together from all of the Etsy items I received... There are business cards; discount codes on cards; postcards; product samples... I handed out approximately 35 bags on the 11th of September in Harbor Beach!

I have about 40 packs left for my November show but would love to have about 35 more!

On top of the box of promos is a fabulous mini bag by soulinchains and the lovely satin gift bags are from maisyh . The pen that you see was a donated door prize from craftiness - it is turned wood with a Santa clip! I am definitely buying one of those pens for my hubby for Christmas!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Ladies Night Out - Craft Show

I am promoting my...

'Ladies Night Out Craft Show'
The Franklin Inn, 20 November 2008
There will be a real mix of crafters and small businesses attending!

Craft Booths are $15 for a table and two chairs (4 x 8) plus a donation of a small door prize.

Would you like to teach your craft? Class times available!

The 'Ladies Night Out' is a well attended event, and I look forward to seeing you there!