Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mid April ~

I have ignored you dear blog~
I have spent days and days looking at radar~and reading storm reports~tornado season!
My tornado fascination started on May 5,2003.But that's another story I will update you later.

Active tornado weather this week. I watched radar and prayed that people would heed the warnings. After living in "tornado ally" for 11 years I know many people think it won't happen here~or they are out looking for the tornado on their front porch..large sigh.

Please if you are not a trained storm spotter go to shelter! Tornadoes are not always visible, often are "wrapped" in rain~are not recognizable as a tornado~you are not safe if it's hailing~the only safe place is in your storm shelter!

Off my soap box for the day~more later!


Crystal from KIZZ said...

Always hopin you're safe and sound. Used to live in AB, Canada. We had live in BC, Canada....and we have forest fires....supposed to have a storm today. hope no lightening!

Be safe! Crystal

Aridan Fashions said...

I always have had a fascination with tornados, and often dream about them. I always have wished to be in a safe place, yet close enough to observe one. It must be awe inspiring to be in the presence of such a force of nature.