Sunday, October 31, 2010

Found Treasure!

I'm getting ready to go on an adventure! Hubby and I bought a Motor Home and are packing for an extended trip through warm weather.

This means I'm taking a portable studio with me! I just can't bear the thought of not having some of my "stuff" with me!

As I was going through boxes, (mind you I have bought many things for one item I saw on top of boxes in Estate Sales) I came across this:

Hmmmmm..I said to myself..Art Deco possibly..turn that signed???
Upstairs I run to get my loop...UH HUH! It's signed!

After a short google search I find out it's a George L. Paine and Company buckle pin. Made to be worn at the waist.(I've thought that on a heavy chain this would also look great as a pendant!) G.L.P. made jewelry form 1909 through 1922..and I have a piece!

It's brass,has a classic Art Deco style..a great colored "gem"..and it could be yours!

I listed it on Art Fire! In my AllWiredUp Studio..Art Deco Pin

Oh about that trip?? Stay tuned ..for the details! =)

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