Saturday, August 6, 2011

Silver Filled alternative for Sterling or Fine Silver

Holly from Royal Metals sent me a sample of silver filled wire, (Silver Filled wire is made the same way as Gold Filled Wire. I think of it as a tube of precious metal filled with a base metal, usually brass.)

The wire worked just like silver. I made a pair of ear wires. I cut the wire to size, and filed one end round. I want to know how the base metal didn't show at all with this wire! The only reason I can think of is that the base metal is white also!
I tapped the wires lightly on my bench block with my mini ball peen hammer to work harden the wire. I wasn't sure about tumbling this wire.

I used the silver filled head pins, some Peridot colored crystals, and plated rounds to make drops.
The headpins performed very well. I made two closed loops in just a matter of a couple minutes.

This would be the test!I have extremely sensitive pierced ears. When first pierced I could only wear 14K Gold. Through some conditioning over the years I can wear Fine or Sterling Silver.

I put these in my ears last night about 7:00 PM. As of right now 24 hours later..I can report that these wear just like Fine or Sterling Silver. I can't tell the difference! My ears are happy wearing them!

As an alternative to Sterling Silver,I recommend Silver Filled as an economical substitute.


Beadwright said...

Very nice. Your wire work is perfect.

All Wired Up TOO said...

Thank you Nichole! coming from you that is the ultimate compliment!

Faye Hadfield said...

wow! will have to look into this for sure...where do you get yours from? x

All Wired Up TOO said...

Click Royal Metals in my post! I linked it to her Art Fire shop.

Rasmussen Gems and Jewelry LLC said...

Thanks Dee, I beat some to death with a hammer and could not get the inner core to actually come through. You still have the quality work.

All Wired Up TOO said...

Thanks John! Good to know that you can hammer it!