Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Moon Valley from Absinthe Dragonfly

I recently entered a contest to win a scent of my choice from AbsintheDragonfly's Esscentual Alchemy Shop on Art Fire. To my amazement I WON!!! I have tried a few of scents in a trial size. but Moon Valley is so far my favorite! When my package arrived I expected a sample size. To my absolute delight I received a full sized bottle! And what a package it was! As I opened the shipping box there was a beautifully wrapped gift! Dragonfly tissue paper covered a lovely gift box
As I removed the ribbon there was a beautiful small dried rose sealed to the box.
Upon opening that box I found a well protected dark green velvety drawstring bag with a Music for your nose tag! That is when I realized that I had recieved a full size bottle of this amazing scent.
The description of the Moon Valley scent had certainly played a part of deciding that it would be the one that I would like to try! Oh MY!! It's light with out fading away to nothing's floral with a peachy overtone. As I applied it with the crystal topped applicator, hubby asked what scent are you putting on? I like it! I have to be very careful with scents that I wear. Too heavy and I get a migraine headache almost immediately! I sometimes get that just walking past someone with a heavy scent they are wearing! I adore this scent! It is my now signature scent that I will continue wearing! Yes! it's on my wish list for the upcoming holidays!


Anonymous said...


I'm so pleased that you love Moon Valley, and that it's something you can wear without being negatively affected! You have made my day with your wonderful post!

Thank you very much!


aislinn said...

i have a few of hers as well, and have the same problem with heavy scents. With her perfumes, i've never had that issue come up. It's very refreshing.

Congrats on winning the contest!!!