Thursday, January 8, 2009

Identity THEFT!

I never thought that this would happen to US! Yes it DID!

Someone has the number to our debit card..we keep an eye on this account. We discovered that it was WAY overdrawn..we disputed the charge and the monies were to be refunded to the account.

This morning we checked at the bank..NOPE! OH NO WAY!!!!! Another charge! for the same amount - same merchant...

After a couple phone calls and faxes later~

We have shredded these cards and made them null and void at the bank~ we have information of WHO has our number~ we ARE going to press charges.

IF it could happen to me..I'M SO careful iith my cards and could happen to YOU?! Be careful out there! be continued


Anonymous said...

OMG! That's horrible. It almost happened to us. Someone called us pretending to be from our bank and saying there was unusual activity on our card. My H fell for it and gave all our account info including the card number. Luckily I realized what had happened right away and we call the bank, froze our credit, and got it taken care of before they could do anything else.

It can happen to ANYONE. I hope you can get them locked up.

ritasmeeta said...

Oh whoah.. that's scary :(
Glad you got it all sorted out though!