Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Art Fire NEW Fusion Studios!

WOW! You can now customize your studio at Art Fire! You can add custom color..widgets...it makes for a great studio!

I have added some slide shows at the bottom of mine..including this one from Flickr!

Want to see my new Fusion Studio? Click ME!


Crystal from KIZZ said...

I'm pretty excited about the new fusion studios too! yipee! Great idea to add video!
Pst... i left yo something on my blog. 8) have a great day!

2 Good Claymates said...

Thanks for sharing -- I did the same from Photobucket.

I'm giving you a blogger award. You can view it here:


Feel free to accept or not -- whatever you wish. It is my way of sharing your great blog with others.

Carolyn Good

Carolina said...

Hi, I also have an Art Fire page, but have no idea how to add a video or a slideshow to the page.
¿can you help me?