Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Have you ever thought about

wanting a Commercial Kitchen?? One with a nice 3X6 foot gas flat top grill, a char broiler, a shiny stainless steel exhaust hood, and a sandwich board.


Just think if you had one of these well stocked babies in your kitchen! WHOO HOO! Midnight snacks would be on my list of things to DO!

Then I would also want terra cotta tiles on the floor and a sanitizing system built in..YIPPEE! I could just turn on the hose and spray down the kitchen squeegee the floor .. DONE!

But then reality sets in..commercial kitchen..I'd be in there cooking and therefore EATING...nevermind..


WillowWalker said...

Great! What a cute read, made me laugh out loud. I only cook because I have to, rarely because I want to!

susan fyfe said...
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susan fyfe said...

I like to cook and this would be a dream kitchen. But, I wouldn't have time for anything else.